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Tues 2nd March, talk: Women-Authored Diary Blogs and Feminist Consciousness Raising: Stories from Québec

Join us for our next NGender talk at 1pm (Silverstone Building, 317), on “Women-Authored Diary Blogs and Feminist Consciousness Raising: Stories from Québec” by Laurence Clennett-Sirois.


This paper explores diary blog writing in the province of Québec (Canada) in relation to feminist consciousness-raising. Using data from a feminist ethnography conducted in 2008-2009 (semi-structured interviews, content of blogs and email exchanges), the author examines claims about the egalitarian nature of internet and its potential to discuss and disseminate women’s issues with the following research question: Considering that themes on diary blogs are related to their author’s rendition of daily life events and that such events may include experiences of inequality and oppression, may diary blogs be, for ‘ordinary’ women, a space of consciousness-raising?

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