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Will you blog for NGender?

We’re inviting students and researchers affiliated with the University of Sussex or Brighton University to write blog posts

We’d love your submissions of blog pieces or articles of around 1,500 words in length (although we’re flexible on this!) on any topic of your choice as long as it is related to gender and sexuality. Your articles can be academic or more informal/journalistic in tone.

As a guide, Re.Framing Activism, a blog run by Sussex PhD students, has a similar mix of posts by different contributors written in academic and more informal style all written around the topic of activism. So if you are unsure of what type of style or topic-link we’re looking for, you may find having a look at that blog is useful; Re.Framing Activism

We’re hoping to start publishing these blog articles (along with contributors name, and a short bio, and link to Sussex Direct/researcher profiles) from the beginning of March.

Send your articles or pieces, with a 30 word biography (or any queries!) asap to ngender[at]sussex[dot]ac[dot]uk.  We’re really looking forward to promoting the great work, opinions, and writing coming out of Sussex and Brighton!

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