NGender was started in the 2009-2010 academic year in consultation with Alison Phipps and its aim was to strengthen the gender studies community at the University of Sussex.

Since then, NGender has been organised by a different panel of students across schools and disciplines at Sussex each year. The annual adoption of Ngender by a new  team has enabled the research collective to adapt and refresh its ideas and events.

In the current academic year (2015-2016) Ngender is co-ordinated by students Chelsea Louise Olsen (English), Laura Cofield (History), Maria Silvia D’Avolio (Sociology), Matthew Lecznar (English),  Ida Maria Kjaerulff Ottesen (Gender and Media) and Ebru Demir (Law).

If you would like to get in contact with one of these students to learn more about organising NGender or getting involved, you can contact the co-ordinators by emailing the NGender account.


Past organisers:

In its first year NGender was organised by Doctoral students Valentina Cartei (Psychology), Aristea Fotopoulou (Media, Film and Music), and  Jane-Elizabeth Traies (Media, Film and Music).  In 2010-2012 it was organised by Aristea Fotopoulou (Media, Film and Music) and Rachel Wood (Media, Film and Music).  In 2012 – 2013 NGender was organised by Rachel Wood (Media, Film and Music),  Anneke Newman (Global Studies) and Laura Joyce (English). In 2013-2014 it was organised by Lizzie Reed and Gemma Cobb. In 2014-2015 Ngender was organised by Gemma Cobb (MFM), Beatrice Chateuvert-Gagnon (Global Studies) and Matthew Beetar (MFM).



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