NGender is a gender and sexuality research collective organised by postgraduates at the University of Sussex. Over the past seven years its aim has been to host and facilitate interdisciplinary discussions between postgraduate and early career scholars with gender or sexuality as a theme or focus of their research.

Through formats which have included weekly seminars, reading groups, symposia and conferences, NGender’s objective is to provide opportunities for those interested in gender and sexuality research to build cross-disciplinary networks, to present their work-in-progress, and circulate ideas at an institution with a strong reputation for gender-related research.

This academic year 2015-2016 the Ngender team has put together a programme of  Film and Talk evenings focusing around ideas of Liberation and Resistance in feminist film, as well as a monthly reading group. Please also look out for details of our third annual conference being held on Wednesday 18th May 2016. 

An important driving philosophy behind the series is to build a sense of community between faculty and students working on these topics, especially those not affiliated to traditional gender studies courses. Over the years NGender has brought together people from Sussex and beyond, across departments and disciplines, to share ideas and discover new trends and developments.


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