Build the Sussex PhD Network

Below is a link to a very short form which PhD students at the University of Sussex, who are working on gender-related topics (which includes sexualities and masculinities) are invited to complete.
The aim of the survey form is to help all PhD students, and wider faculty, to network better at Sussex.  It’s a project that we began with the NGender Conference this May, and we hope to continue into the new academic year.  
The list is being compiled by Dr. Alison Phipps,  director for the Centre for Gender Studies here at Sussex; NGender works closely with the Centre and has done since it was established in 2009.   Our hope in compiling this list is that it will be useful for potential grant bids and teaching opportunities. The long term aim is that the list of PhD students working in gender and sexuality related areas will go on the Centre for Gender Studies website, and be linked to on the NGender Blog and will help us to showcase all the excellent gender and sexuality-related research. happening at Sussex.

If you are a PhD student at Sussex working on a gender-related topic, please complete the very short survey at:
It asks you to submit your name, department, supervisor (you can just list your main one or both of them if you wish) and thesis title or topic, with space for you to include a short summary if you wish

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