NGender: Gender and Sexuality Related Research Seminar Series Spring 2013

Tuesdays 1-3 Silverstone Building Room 327, University of Sussex

Week 1, January 22nd

Emilomo Ogbe (Institute of Development Studies) ‘The Construction of The Nigerian Identity’: The Intersections of Enforced Heteronormativity and Colonialism

Week 2, January 29th

Claire Bennett (University of Sussex) Lesbian Asylum Seekers: Talking about ‘Violence’ and ‘Sexuality’ During the Legal Asylum Process

Dr Sibel Safi (University College London) Honour killing asylum applications of Turkish asylum seekers in the UK and the asylum gender gap

Week 3, February 5th

Morna Laing (London College of Fashion) Nostalgic Glue: ‘Re-unifying’ the Female Subject through Childlike Femininity

Week 4, February 12th

Divya Mehta (University of Sussex) History as Gendered Archetype in Carlos Fuentes’ The Death of Artemio Cruz

Week 5, February 19th

Novidayanti Hayid (University of Sheffield) Waria and Islam in Indonesia: How do Warias negotiate their gender and sexual identity?

Maria Corral Fernandez (University of Sussex) Palestinian queers in Israel/Palestine: political concerns and potential challenges to the status quo

Week 6, February 26th

Gilda Nunez, (University of Barcelona) Deprivation and drug dealing: a comparative study from the female perspective

Week 7, March 5th

Special Event for International Women’s Day, Pink Ribbons Inc Screening and Debate

Week 8, March 14th

First meeting of the NGender feminist book group, reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. 5pm-6pm in Bramber 252

Week 9, March 19th

Lorena Fuentes (Birkbeck) Bringing Political Economy Back-In: Theorizing the Femicides of Maquila Workers in Guatemala

Laura Joyce (University of Sussex) Reproducing Violence: Rihanna, Chris Brown and the Aestheticization of the Ciudad Juarez Femicides

Week 10, March 26th

Padmini Iyer (University of Sussex) Gender, sexuality and schooling: researching the new sex education curriculum in Delhi, India

Week 11, April 9th

Anais Bertrand-Dansereau (Graduate Institute, Geneva)  “She drank Surf and she had a serious illness”: Peer interviewing and young people’s stories of abortion in Malawi

Week 12, April 17th – Fifty Shades of Grey End of Term Social

Naomi Booth (University of Sussex) Succumbing to the Power of Capital: Female Masochism and the Retrograde Swoon in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy

With discussant Rachel Wood (University of Sussex)


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