10th May – Hannah Warren: Gender is about men too? Gender and Development work in two NGOs in Ghana’

1-2pm , in SB317 – University of Sussex. All welcome!

Speaker: Hannah Warren (Anthropology, Sussex)

Title: ‘Gender is about men too? Gender and Development work in two NGOs in Ghana’

Chair: Synne Laastad Dyvik


This paper is based on findings from my ethnographic study of two local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Ghana – one development NGO and one women’s rights NGO. This research focused on the ‘gender’ and ‘women’s rights’ work of these organisations and, the staff working within them.

The paper explores one of the themes from the research – the different ways in which people in these two organisations talked about the inclusion of, and concerns about, men in relation to gender and women’s rights work. This includes for example: concerns (or not) about the neglect of men in ‘gender’ and ‘women’s rights’ work; ideas that ‘gender’ and ‘gender work’ should be about men too; various anxieties about focusing mainly on women; and explicit references to men and how they are also affected, when talking about issues such as domestic violence. Within the paper I provide some specific examples, and attempt to draw out, in relation to this issue, some of the differences and similarities between various individuals and the two organisations researched.


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