First Seminar for 2011: 18th January-Dr Maribel Blázquez Rodriguez ‘Sexual And Reproductive Policy In Spain’.

SB 317, University of Sussex, Tuesday 18th January, 1-2pm

Dr Maribel Blázquez Rodriguez (Institute Development Studies & Universidad Complutense Madrid )

‘Sexual And Reproductive Policy In Spain’.

Abstract The defence and promotion of sexual and reproductive rights requires an analysis of different conceptions that exist around sexuality and reproduction. In the health policy context, laws, legal norms and other political initiatives define the limits of sexuality and reproduction, within a framework that constructs behaviours as normal or abnormal, beneficial or risky, healthy or pathological. In the context of changes taking place in Spain, this communication aims to show the different conceptions around sexuality and reproduction, and how they influence, or constrain, the possibilities people have for deciding and living freely. Spain is an interesting case in which to study this area, given recent political changes in sexual and reproductive rights.


Dr Maribel Blázquez Rodriguez is a visiting fellow at IDS until February 2011. She is a lecturer in Social Anthropology at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, and her research is on conceptions of sexuality and reproduction and how these influence people’s ability to realise their sexual rights and reproductive health in Spanish society. Her PhD dissertation was entitled ‘Gender ideologies and practices in the healthcare attention of pregnancy, partum and postpartum’ (2009)- in the Universitat Rovira y Virgili (Cataluña).


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