Call for papers

NGender-Seminars in Gender Studies

University of Sussex, Spring 2010

NGender is an interdisciplinary seminar series on gender-related issues,
which will take place during the Spring Term of the 2009-2010 academic
year.There are approximately 100 DPhil students across Sussex who work in gender related projects. This shows that Sussex is still leading the field in gender scholarship but it also indicates the need for a sense of community
amongst these students. NGender is organized by doctoral students and aims
to bring together researchers/faculty/recently graduated doctorates from
widely divergent fields to share perspectives of their work.

It also aims to function as a networking event for doctoral students and
provide a space where they can also present their work-in-progress and get
feedback from peers and faculty. In addition to providing an opportunity to
receive feedback, the seminars aim at enriching the way we think and speak
about research today. It hopes to enable participants investigate,
evaluate and connect with current trends and new developments in
scholarship and research.Each seminar will open with a short presentation of approximately 20
minutes, followed by discussion and questions.We welcome proposals from researchers working in the following indicative
list of themes and topics.

Possible Thematics:

  • Development
  • Media and Cultural Production (representation, publics,
  • practices)
  • Sexualities
  • Digital technologies and social change
  • Transsexuality, Transgender and Intersexuality
  • Embodiment (medicalisation, disability, genetics,
  • biotechnologies, brain and behavior, posthumanism, reproduction)
  • Religions and Spirituality
  • Feminisms
  • Geographies
  • Postcolonialism
  • Arts and Art History

Please send your proposal (300 words) for a 20 minute presentation and a biography (including name, degree, year and research interests). Abstracts must be received by 13 December 2009 to be considered.

Please direct all submissions and inquiries to the Ngender Seminars Team at:


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